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Most Asked Questions

If you are thinking about prevention or want to lose weight for overall wellbeing, you can book a call with me to see if you are a good fit. If you have your medical condition, request your doctor to send a referral to me.

I have a HIPAA compliant fax so that your health information is safe and protected. My fax number is 866-264-6737.

As a credentialed dietitian, I can only see those who live in Texas, USA. Because I want to make a bigger impact in people living in various part of the course, I created to 8 week health transformation course called ‘Insulin Reboot Academy’.  Please find more information in the services section.

As a dietitian with many years of experience, I believe in mindful eating and carbohydrate counting to help with weight loss, insulin – hormone balance. I will not preach calorie counting or any restriction diet.

No, absolute you don’t have to. I will teach you to eat rice, bread, pasta and still manage your weight to prevent chronic diseases.

No, you don’t have to. Our body (liver) naturally detoxes 24/7 for you. Instead of detox diet, I teach you how to keep your liver healthy and reverse fatty liver condition if you have it.

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